Newspapers and journals

Newspapers and journals in printed version are located on the 3rd floor of the Main Library (Þjóðarbókhlaða).

The Library receives foreign journals in many subject areas through subscriptions, and furthermore, it receives all printed Icelandic journals and newspapers through legal deposit as a national library. This includes newsletters, yearbooks, school magazines and daily newspapers.

Students‘ final theses

Up to the year 2015 the Library received a printed copy of the final theses of students of the University of Iceland for preservation. Final theses are stored in a closed area of the 3rd floor, some need to be fetched from storage. These are not circulated and are only for use in the Library. It is forbidden to photocopy from the final theses without a permission from the author.

From the year 2016 the students only hand in a digital copy of their final thesis for the digital repository, Skemman. The final theses of students of the University of Iceland have been stored from the year 2008.

The final theses of graduates of the University of Iceland are searchable through and in the digital repository of Icelandic universities

Peace and quiet

On the 3rd floor there are several study carrells, eight carrells with computers for students of the University of Iceland, a few group-tables and one group-room. The 3rd floor is a „quiet floor“ which means that there should be peace to work and total silence.

Computers and Internet

In reading areas:
Students and staff of the University of Iceland with a password and access to the University Network. Supervision of the computers is in the hands of the Information technology Services of the University of Iceland.
In front of the service desk:
To access material from the database

The Main Library (Þjóðarbókhlaða) offers a wireless network (LBS_HBS/HotSpot) which can be used by everybody with own laptop/or smart-phone.

Printing and photocopying

One can print from the database computers on the 3rd floor and pick up the print-outs from the staff at the service desk (see fees). Students of the University of Iceland receive a password and access code from the Student Registry in the Main Building of the University. Purchasing a printing quota.

Photo-copying machines are located on 2nd , 3rd and 4th floor of the building. These are self-service machines and cards for those are sold on 2nd floor. (see fees).


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