Audio - Visual

The Department stores in an accessible form Icelandic sound recordings and movies which the Library receives through legal deposit, artefacts and photographs from Icelandic musicians and interviews from the Centre of Oral History. Furthermore, one can listen to a part of the sound recording in the Sound Library,

One can contact the staff with questions on the library material in hljodogmyndsafn (hja) or come to the Library in person.

Course reserves

Teachers can reserve material from the general library collection, can have new material acquired or provided from other places and or/can use material from private collections and make it available for teaching special courses. It is also possible to store copied material which is related to a particular course in the Course reserves. While the course is in progress, the material can be for use in the Library or circulated from one to fourteen days.

Material from the Course reserves can be circulated with a library card as is the case with other circulation. Students and teachers from the University of Iceland receive their library card free of charge.

Further information about the Course reserves can be found in the Course reserves LibGuide.

Send email to namsbokasafn (hja) to get further information or to request services.

Peace and quiet

The fourth floor offers several individual study tables and comfortable chairs. In the National Library Building there is emphasis that the guests can work in peace and noise control is defined in different areas of the floor. The fourth floor is a defined as a “quiet floor” which means that there should be good peace for work and a complete noise-free area.

Computers and the Internet

In reading areas: For students and staff of the University of Iceland.
Near the Audio-Visual Library:
Computers for general library use with access to programmes in Office 2013 (without access to the Internet). USB keys can be used.

In the National Library Building there is a wireless connection (LBS/HBS/Hotspot) which can be accessed by everybody with their own laptops/smart equipment.

Printing and copying

General library users, that wish to print out their documents can print those from the computers of the Library linked to a printer located at a service desk. Printed documents are delivered at the circulation desk (See fees). Students at the University of Iceland are provided with a user name and pass-word at the Student Register (Nemendaskrá) in the Main Building of the University of Iceland.

Purchasing a printing quota

Copying machines are located on 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor of the Library Building. These are self-service machines and copying cards are sold on 2nd floor. (See fees). Please familiarize yourself with the rules that guide the copying from works of others in line with a contract made by Fjölíss and the Ministry of Education.


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